Biomedical Engineering Institute

Director           Prof. Weiqi WANG

Voice Director:    Prof. Yuanyuan WANG, Prof. Guanghong DING, Prof. Zhijian SONG

Secretaries:         Prof. Xiaomei WU, Prof. Wei YAO


Research Fields

Medical Ultrasound

Biomedical signal processing

Cardiac pacemaker & electrophysiology

Biomedical mechanics

Biomedical materials

Digital medicine and clinical applications

Sensor technology and Intelligent medicine



Prof. Weiqi WANG, Prof. Yuanyuan WANG, Prof. Xiaomei WU, Prof. De’an TA, Prof. Cuiwei YANG, Prof. Jinhua YU, Prof. Wei CHEN

Prof. Guanghong DING, Prof. Ying XIA, Prof. Wei YAO

Prof. Zhijian SONG, Prof. Wensheng LI, Prof. Manning WANG

Prof. Jiandong DING



Over 100 Postdoctors, Ph.D candidates and master students


Research Areas

Fractal and Doppler ultrasound, Pseudo-color spectrogram, Medical ultrasound signal processing, Feature extraction for blood flow signal

Medicine signal & image processing

Cardiac pacemaker, epicardial mapping, electrical defibrillation and defibrillator, ECG detecting and monitoring, Magnetic localizing and tracking system

Heart & cerebral circle hemodynamics, Cell mechanics, The modern scientific basements of basic theory of TCM, The other mechanics and math researches of life science

Drug delivery carrier, Biodegradable materials

Surgical navigation system

Human physiology parameters motoring



Dozens of projects sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the Ministry of Education of China, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, and so on.



Dozens of national and provincial awards.